A film about Russia’s most celebrated punkrock musician and
Enfant terrible Sergey Shnurov and his band ‚Leningrad’.
Shnurov started as an independent musician in
St. Petersburg 10 years ago and is now one of Russia’s biggest

This 15-piece Russian ska/punk/salsa/rock/gypsy/hip-hop
outfit, formed by Sergey Shnurov in St Petersburg in
1997, are the darlings of millions of vodka-fuelled
Russian youngsters and expat hell raisers.
Shnurov sings songs of drinking, screwing, struggling
and surviving with wicked humor, booze-fueled hope and expressive
obscenity. Packed with rollicking live footage, The Man Who Sings documents
Shnurov and his band's uncompromising approach to music, stardom and life
in today's Russia.

‚Taking the current oomph-punk vogue to new heights
are Leningrad... mashed together from equal parts
cabaret, ska and Soviet kitsch, the music could be the
most profoundly Russian stuff ever’ (Village Voice).

‘… some of the best live music in the world today.’
Charlie Gillett BBC World Music